case management

case management

"Assessment, guidance, advocacy, support, coordinating, accessing, monitoring…unraveling the maze of available help."

One Phone Call

Your world is spinning. Your special baby needs help desperately and you're afraid you don't know how to get help or where to begin. Make one phone call. Call The Center Case Management and breathe a sigh of relief. Your case manager will take complete care of your needs. As the resource center for special service benefits, she will listen, evaluate, then provide thorough information about your service options. She will contact comprehensive services for you, making sure you receive them. She will arrange respite for you as per your wishes, available exclusively at The Center, day or night, or send volunteers to your home. She can help you network with parents. Help is here. One phone call. It's that simple.

Your Best Allies

Our caseworkers are trained to get to know you, to understand your needs and provide personal support and help at every stage of your special child's life. They map out the best educational, rehabilitative and social development plan for your special child and stay with you. They navigate the maze of services, coordinating and accessing quality, comprehensive health care and benefits. They help you fill and mail out applications and attend appointments with you to ensure smooth delivery of service. They monitor your child's progress to ensure that your child is attaining the identified goals.

Your Crisis Center

A crisis occurs. A sudden termination of benefits, or a child's unexpected behavior or illness, can shake your whole world. Our caseworkers are here to listen and to provide viable options for you. They are your safety net. Don't fall. Just call.