About Us

The Special Children's Center (The Center), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is located in Lakewood, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. The Center is focused on a multi-faceted service program for children and adults with complex developmental disabilities. Begun in 1996 by two compassionate teens volunteering their time to provide respite care for families with children with developmental disabilities,
The Center has grown over the years as a
professional provider of services to over
450 families with children & adults with special needs.


The Center offers unique and exemplary services that provide round-the-clock, year-round respite services available any day, any hour, at any stage of a special child's life. Our full time respite and case management services ease the overwhelming challenges experienced by special needs families.
We don't stop there.
Under our caring home away from home, special needs children thrive upon individually focused and therapeutically guided attention. Our teachers, trained aides and volunteers use creative resources to stimulate optimum individual growth and achievement to help every child and adult maximize their independence so that they can lead a fuller and more productive life within the family and the community.
We don't stop there.
With love and nurturing attention, special children smile and find their inner essence. They are able to reach higher and conquer more challenges. We aim to see them succeed. We love them and watch them soar.
We don't stop there.
We get to know all the children and their families. We develop a close relationship that enables us to facilitate what is right for each child and each family. But more than this, our mutual concerns and love for each child, bond us for life. We are in this together.
We don't stop there.
As the children grow up, new needs develop. The Center provides continuing support, including transition services. Families with special children are never alone.
We don't stop there.
About Special Childrens Center
To provide children and adults with developmental disabilities with the
opportunity to maximize their growth and development
while enhancing their families' ability to nurture them within the support of the local community.
The Special Children's Center's approach is to never say "no."
The entire operation of staff and volunteers is 'heart-based,'
predicated on caring about families and loving the children.
There is nothing bureaucratic about The Special Children's Center.
As such, services are never limited to existing specific programs. Whatever the need, whatever the situation, the Center is committed to doing whatever it takes to help.