Your child is The Center of your world.

We're a nonprofit organization that provides invaluable support, comprehensive resources, and endless love to children with special needs and their families, making a profound difference in thousands of lives each year.
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They say it takes a village
to raise a child.

The Center is that village for over 750 families across New York and New Jersey
We help every child with cognitive, emotional physical, or developmental challenges. We're known for never saying no.
Special Need
Any Special Need
From the moment they are born, for as long as they live, every special child and adult is welcome at The Center.
Stage of Life
Any Stage of Life
We provide physical, financial, or emotional assistance, whether or not it’s part of our core programs.
Kind of Help
Any Kind of Help
Our loving volunteers come to you anywhere, whether it’s your home, community, or any other place.
Any Place
Disabilities never take a break – neither do we. Weekends, holidays, or just 3AM on a Tuesday, we answer every call for help.
Any Time
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Our Mission

To empower children and adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential— while enriching their families' ability to nurture and care for them.
To take care of every need, to ease every worry.

To create a space where love knows no bounds, and the unique beauty of every child is celebrated.

To witness quiet miracles of love and hope unfold daily, as every child is embraced with joy.

To make sure every child knows without a doubt: they are home, and they are loved.

“These parents can breathe— sometimes for the first time in a long time.”

Parents come in with these tiny newborns; tense and afraid, and they walk out calm. We give them such comfort and the confidence to go home, love their babies and themselves, and live a normal life.

They can say, "I’m not alone"—and they can breathe, sometimes for the first time in a long time."
- Shani Gross

Our Story

When The Special Children’s Center began, it didn’t even have a name.

It had no business plan. No board. No building. No donors. It was just two 16-year-old friends with a passion for helping—and a need whose urgency few fully understood.

Back in 1996, Jenine and Chaya couldn't have imagined what The Special Children's Center would become or the thousands of families it would one day impact.

All they knew was what they saw around them: Marriages unraveling, parents breaking down under stress, siblings harboring resentment and shame toward their special needs brothers or sisters, and children struggling with disabilities who were not getting the care and love they deserved.

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Ready to make a difference?

Here are a few ways you can join us in making a meaningful difference
in the lives of kids with special needs and their families.