adult vocational

adult vocational

"To belong, to be understood, to feel safe, to be doing something worthwhile, to be part of the community - as an adult."

What do we do?

We offer a continuing program for special needs adults. With our qualified staff of direct care workers, we offer continuing guidance in life skills, social skills, job skills and community dynamics in an environment of friendship. We prove to people that they have inherent worth and that they can make a difference through their everyday activities.

Life skills program

Adults join classes in food preparation and cooking, hygiene, fitness and exercise, money management, writing and penmanship in a concurrent ongoing skills-building program of communication, comprehension and organization. These life skills are then translated into activities of daily living in their own homes, the community and society at large.

Social Skills Program

Care providers model and teach basic people skills in an ongoing daily program. Adults are instructed in greetings, conversational interaction, sharing, helping and communicating. Adults join interactive setting opportunities, creating prospects for building effective communication and relationships with others.

Job skills Program

Adults join classes in woodworking, cleaning and cooking and work at small jobs in the program's facility. Staff in our programs place computer orders for coffee or other breakfast items, and the adults in this program then prepare and deliver the items at a nominal fee.

Community Dynamics

Adults participate in community outings on a bi-weekly basis. Promoting understanding of the dynamics of community structure broadens the scope of special adults' sense of belonging. Promoting cultural awareness and familiarity with cultural value systems fosters key aspects of self-respect and a sense of identity.